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World Champions 2019 1/5 Touring Class Vila Real Portugal

World Champions 2019 1/5 Touring Class Vila Real Portugal

1 Marko Grigic
2 Mazzeo Alessio
3 Weigerding Marco

4 Arnaldi B.A.
5 Repetti Edoardo
6 Feldmann Markus
7 Verbrugghe Giovanni
8 Catalani Andrea
10 Pinto Nuno

Grazie a tutti voi ragazzi per aver scelto PMT Tyres!!!

Thanks to all of you guys for choosing PMT Tyres!!!

PMT Tyres


Finale Nazionale CNV 2019


PMT parteciperà alla Finale Nazionale del CNV 2019, che si terrà dal 4 al 6 Ottobre presso il circuito di Adria (RO). 

Durante l'intero evento sarà operativo il servizio di vendita e montaggio pneumatici in pista.


PMT is going to join the National Final of the CNV 2019 at the Adria Circuit (RO), October 4-6th. 

Tyres fitting service & sales will be available on track.


Supreme K, New Codes & New Compound - New 1/5 GT SLICK

From 1st September 2019, for an adjustment of the compounds and a better clarity in the differentiation of the hardness, PMT Supreme Tyres will undergo a change in the name of the compounds as follows:





SUPREME-SS0/P1 mescola Super Morbida
Super Soft compound, developed for smooth, non-abrasive asphalts, this compound offers a level of grip never before achieved in these categories.



These tyres for the 1/5 GT category have been developed for the most extreme competitions, and raise the level in all the aspects of the R/C performances.

Traction and braking: + 30%

Easy driving: + 30%

These tyres are available in 4 different hardness: H/M/S/SS.

H: Hard for Front and very worn asphalt

M: Medium for Front

S: Soft for Rear

SS: Super soft  for Rear and poorlyworn or rubberized asphalts

CIV Junior Minigp, Ohvale

CIV Junior 2019 MiniGP and Ohvale


Everything is ready to start the CIV Junior Championship for MiniGP and Ohvale categories on the five rounds of the 2019 season.

Cervesina will be the theater of the first round dedicated to the MiniGp category, first pass to the high wheels, and Ohvale GP0 with the 110cc, 160cc and 190cc categories.

Confirmed the exclusive supplier of tyres, PMT, for all Ohvale GP0 classes and, new this year, PMT will be the exclusive supplier also for MiniGP.


On Saturday there will be four free 20 minute practice sessions for each category. Sunday morning two qualifying sessions of fifteen minutes and two races in the afternoon for each category. Below is the complete program of the event: CIV Junior Cervesina - Event's Agenda.

source: civ.tv

Italian Minimoto Championship: Franciacorta Round 1-2

Italian Minimoto Championship: preview Franciacorta Round 1-2


The Italian Minimoto Championship starts from Franciacorta on April 6-7, with the first double round.

Once again this year, the partnership with PMT Tyres that will be the Exclusive Supplier for Tyres is confirmed.

From the first double round, the "PMT TYRES LOTTERY" will be established, that is, a tyre extraction in favor of permanently registered pilots.

In each race weekend, after the race director's briefing, 3 lottery draws will be made in the following ways: 1st extract a front tyre, 2nd extract a rear tyre, 3rd extract a set of tyres.

These tyres can be used and registered for subsequent events. Once the prize has been won it will no longer be possible to participate in the next lottery draws, to increase the chances of winning for each pilot.

Franciacorta Event's Agenda

from: civ.tv

PMT - New Supreme "K"


Le Supreme K sono state pensate per tutte le condizioni di pista.

Sviluppate con componenti di ultima generazione, derivanti direttamente dal livello più alto del Motorsport, sono disponibili in tre durezze:

- K00: ultrasoft, durezza 38 shore, adatta per posteriore ed asfalti poco abrasivi.

- K01: soft, durezza 42 shore, adatta per posteriore/ anteriore ed asfalti medio abrasivi.

- K03: media, durezza 45 shore, adatta per anteriore ed asfalti molto abrasivi.

Su questa tipologia verrà impiegato un nuovo cerchio, più leggero e duro, progettato per resistere a forze laterali superiori del 25%, rispetto alle esistenti.

Inoltre, anche la mousse di riempimento è stata aggiornata ed ora può resistere fino ad una temperatura di 130°, senza alterare le proprie caratteristiche meccaniche.


The Supreme K have been designed for all track conditions. Developed with latest generation components, deriving directly from the highest level of Motorsport, they are available in three hardnesses:

- K00: ultrasoft, 38 shore hardness, suitable for rear and slightly abrasive asphalts.

- K01: soft, 42 shore hardness, suitable for rear / front and medium abrasive asphalts.

- K03: medium, 45 shore hardness, suitable for front and very abrasive asphalts.

On this type of tyres a new lighter and harder rim will be used, designed to withstand 25% higher lateral forces, compared to existing ones.

Moreover, even the filling mousse has been updated and can now withstand up to a temperature of 130 °, without altering its mechanical characteristics.


Der Supreme K wurde für alle Streckenbedingungen entwickelt. Entwickelt mit den Komponenten der letzten Generation, die direkt von der höchsten Ebene des Motorsport kommen, stehen sie in drei Härtegraden zur Verfügung:

- K00: ultrasoft, Härte 38 shore, geeignet für Hinterrad und leicht abrasive asphalte.

- K01: soft, Härte 42 shore, geeignet für Hinterrad / Vorderrad und mittel abrasive asphalte.

- K03: mittel, Härte 45 shore, geeignet für Vorderrad und stark abrasive asphalte.

Bei diesem Art von Reifen wird eine neue, leichtere und härtere Felge verwendet, die im Vergleich zu bestehenden 25% höheren Seitenkräften standhält.

Darüber hinaus wurde die Füller-Mousse überarbeitet und kann nun bis zu einer Temperatur von 130° widerstehen, ohne dass sich ihre mechanischen Eigenschaften verändern.

European Minimoto-MiniGP 2018

Less than a week to the single round of the ECMBR (European Championship Mini Bike Racing), the European Junior Speed Championship under the aegis of FIM Europe which sees the Italian Motorcycling Federation at the forefront for the success of the big event scheduled by the 2 to 5 August between the "Daniel Bonara" Autodromo di Franciacorta and the Castrezzato Motorsport Arena.

One week after the first tests the provisional entry list was unveiled with an increase in terms of subscribers compared to last year. Among the Minimoto Junior classes (A - B - C) and Open (A - B) there are currently 53 starters, 39 overall for Mini Bikes between the categories MiniGP 50cc, Honda NSF100 and OHVALE GP - 0 (110, 160 and 190) with a technical regulation strongly inspired by the CIV Junior.

Also disclosed the program with all the timetables of the European Championship Mini Bike Racing, from the first tests to the races. All documentation is available on CIV.tv, by clicking on the "CIV Junior" menu and on "Europeo 2018". 

We hereby inform you that PMT Tyres will be present with track service for all his clients, and not only, during all the European Championship – from Wednesday morning to Sunday Ceremony –

PMT has always looked after their riders and for that reason they will provide to all riders using genuine tyres for Minimoto – Mini GP – Ohvale – Honda NSF 100 the following prizes:

1.Winner: 1 set of tyre;

2.Second: 1 rear tyre;

3.Third: 1 front tyre;




PMT at European Championship Mini Road Racing 2017

European Championship Mini Road Racing 2017 | Franciacorta

PMT is going to join European Championship Mini Road Racing 2017 at Franciacorta Circuit.

Fitting service & tyres' sale will be available for all different wheels size.

The Team will be onsite starting  from Wednesday 02 August (6 pm ) up to Sunday 06 (1 pm).

See you soon in Franciacorta!

PMT Wins - European Large Scale 2017 | Lostallo

European Champion Large Scale 2017 | Lostallo

That's what makes PMT's staff proud to spend most of the weekends away from home, going around race circuits and driving back and forth along Italy and outside, even late at the night, to ensured the best assistance to our RC drivers.

Well, it's just finished the European 1:5/F1 scale RC Championship at Lostallo (Swiss) and all the podium is filled by PMT's tyres users. Drivers made their best, theirs equipment ensure great reliability, but let me say, PMT tyres did it's part and contribute to reach the heights.

"PMT is European Champion 2017".

Thanks drivers!!! We will run together with all of you towards new challenging results!

PMT Wins - IFMAR World Large Scale 2015 | Malaysia

IFMAR World Championship Large Scale 2015 | Malaysia

Great week for PMT at the 2015 Large Scale World Championship in Malaysia with the top two spots on the podium taken by PMT drivers.
New World Champion Russell Grenenger and 2
nd Mathew Kellett from Australia.
Option tyre all week was the PMT Supreme V2 X03 all round with the Supreme V2 X05 on the front outside during the middle of the day.
It was a testing week with temperatures reaching 36 degrees and 85% humidity.

1/8th GT nitro Worlds included in the event also made the grip offline unstable but the PMT tyres remained the strongest choice to the top drivers from start to finish.
On top of the 1
st and 2nd finishes Russell took the fastest recorded lap with a 20.6 and Mathew Kellett Top Qualifier.

Russell Grenenger]

PMT Wins - European Large Scale 2015 | Sollenau

European Champion Large Scale 2015 | Sollenau

Super week for our PMT tyres at the European Champion Large Scale 2015 in Sollenau:

  • Top Qualifier Markus Feldmann with PMT Supreme v2 tyres
  • Lap Record in 18.184 for Aleš Bayer with PMT Supreme v2 tyres
  • European Champion Ales Bayer
  • 2nd Place Bernard-Alain Arnaldi with PMT Supreme v2 tyres

Just a bad luck of Markus Feldmann did not permit a complete podium for our tyres.
9 Drivers in the final with PMT
18 Drivers in the top 20...

Many thanks to all drivers and see you next race!

PMT Wins - Europeo Large Scale 2014 | Vila Real (QUAL)

Europeo Large Scale 2014 | Vila Real (Qual)

Fantastic result for the Pmt tyres, which in the European Large Scale 2014 in Vila Real (Portugal), has won the top 15 in qualifying. In particular, a great compliment to the first three, Bernard Alen Amaldi TQ, Martin Lissau second and Hessel Roscam third.


PMT Wins - Europeo Large Scale 2014 | Vila Real (RACE)

Europeo Large Scale 2014 | Vila Real (RACE)

Fantastic result for Pmt Tyres at European Championship Large Scale 1-5 2014 in Vila Real Portugal, where all ten finalists have raced with our tyres.
The continuous development of research in the optimization of the product, has allowed us to offer performance always at the top in spite of widely varying track conditions throughout the week of the race.
A big compliment goes to BA Amaldi now European Champion, but also to Markus FELDMAN author of a strong final remained very close to the leaders throughout the overall race, and finally to Mathieu Briere, third, very fast all week.
In addition, a special praise also to David Perez Junior European champion.
Thanks to all the riders who have shown trust in our products.

PMT Wins - Italian Championship (CIV) 2013

Italian Championship (CIV) 2013

At EICMA 2013 there were the awards for Speed Championships (CIV) 2013, with a schedule that has put in the forefront the very young, opening with Minimoto and MINIGP. Five classes awarded among the youngest (Marco Gaggi champion of Sav, Matteo Boncinelli in the Junior A, Matteo Bertè in Junior B, Mattia Bucciarelli in Open A and Michael Carbobera in Open B). Double award for Carbonera that in addition to the table of Italian champion of the Italian Open B, was awarded a plaque FIM to also won the European Championships in Slovenia last August. Congratulations guys!


PMT Wins - European championship 2013

European championship 2013

Great result for Jeffrey Van Wijk in the 2013 European Championship, held as the sum of the results to GP Efra.
reat job Jeffrey!


PMT Wins - Modeltek Trophy

Great victory of our Andrea Catalani to trophy Modeltek, 2013, which took place at the Fiorano circuit.

In an even more international trophy, and with more than 130 pilots, Catalans was able, despite the high level of competition and after an initial battle with a pilot such as "Gimbo" Gianmarco Martelli, to dominate the race and managing it like a true champion.
Andrea used a Supreme V2 H10 outside front and three Supreme V2 H5.


PMT wins in Greece Minigp Cup Race

29/09/2013: Yesterday Dimitris Prokopiou introduced PMT Tyres in the last race of minigp cup on Greece, it was his first participation with the PMT tyres. After a very good feeling with PMT Tyres He wins the race.


PMT Wins - Lostallo World Championship 2013

Great result of Supreme Tyres at the World 1/5 Championship of Lostallo , 9 out of 10 finalists used the PMT tyres and hogging the entire podium .

Great victory for the strong German's rider Markus Feldmann , who, after a run of several years was able to fulfill his dream of winning the title of World Champion. The tyres chosen by Markus were a Supreme V2 H10 front outer and three Supreme V2 X5 , which have proved to be exceptional in performance and durability.

In second place was the brilliant Dutchman Jeffrey Van Wijk author of a superb season. He also used the same tyres of the Winner, that is one Supreme V2 H10 and three Supreme V2 X5.

In third place, the Italian rider Andrea Catalani, who was also the author of an excellent season and repeating the third place finish at last year's European Championship in Valencia. Andrea chose for the final one Supreme H20 and three Supreme V2 X5.

Thanks to all for the trust in our products and see you all .....on track ! !