PMT, a leading Italian company in the motorcycle racing tire sector, is thrilled to announce the launch of two new products specifically designed for the new DRAGSTER scooter by Italjet at the Malossi Racing Academy 2023.

Two New Tires Introduced to the Market by PMT: The front tire is 120/70R12, while the rear one is 140/60R13. These two innovative products are the outcome of cutting-edge technology, and they were specifically developed upon the esteemed request of Malossi. They were meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of Italjet’s DRAGSTER model, a distinguished Italian manufacturer known for its production of both road and racing scooters.

Tailored to meet the demands of professional riders and two-wheel racing enthusiasts, these new tires deliver top-tier performance and unparalleled vehicle control. They represent two significant innovations, marking PMT’s debut in the realm of 13-inch wheels, further expanding the array of options available to riders seeking exceptional performance and track reliability.

Thanks to the exclusive compound, which has been meticulously designed for the racing sector, these new products guarantee unwavering grip. This allows DRAGSTER riders to tackle corners with precision and safety, enabling them to push the limits of speed and agility. Another distinctive feature of these tires is their radial construction, ensuring greater stability of the tire on the asphalt, reduced weight, and consistent performance even in high-temperature conditions. The traction provided by these two new specifications will empower riders to seize every inch of the track with determination.

In addition to the two dedicated slick specifications designed for dry asphalt conditions, PMT has also meticulously engineered the rain-specific version, featuring a tread pattern with an ultra-soft rain compound. This design effectively combats the challenges posed by slippery asphalt, providing exceptional grip even in rainy conditions.

Italjet’s DRAGSTER scooter, equipped with PMT’s new tires, is already demonstrating its full potential, delivering superior results compared to previous setups. This successful synergy is capturing the attention of all two-wheel racing enthusiasts, reaffirming PMT tires’ reputation as an excellent choice for achieving top-level performance and dominance on the track.

Laura Pauselli, co-owner PMTdeclaredThis project perfectly embodies PMT’s identity. Our mission is clear: every year, we aim to enhance the quality of our products and expand our range of racing tires to provide even better solutions to our customers.

This commitment is also evident in the introduction of unprecedented product types in the international market, as exemplified by these new tires.

Our passion for the world of racing and our dedication to innovation continuously guide us in the development of racing tires. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Italjet and Malossi. Thanks to this new project and the synergy between our companies, we aim to achieve exceptional results that fully meet the needs of riders.”


Italjet has always been distinguished by its racing spirit, and DRAGSTER represents the most eloquent example of it. commentedMassimo Tartarini, Presidente and CEO of Italjet Spa With the new racing tires specifically developed for our vehicle, PMT has hit the bullseye, allowing young riders participating in the Malossi Racing Academy to further improve their on-track performance. This significant testing ground has enabled us to commence the commercialization of these tires for all passionate DRAGSTER owners who want to compete on the track.”