Next Sunday, August 15, at the Circuit As Pontes-A Coruña, the third race of the Dani Rivas 2021 Cup will take place, where the young drivers selected between 6 and 12 years old will compete in 2 races divided into two categories: Minimoto – MiniGP.

This race will serve to outline the general classification in the two categories: Minimotos -MiniGP which is particularly close in the MiniGP category.

Damián Alonso and Ruben Montero lead the general classification in MiniGP separated by a single point, followed by Eric Ruz at 12 points.

In Minimotos Mario Diaz leads the overall standings, followed by Marcos Vinagre and Samuel Jimenez at less than 10 points.

The last race will take place on October 16-17 at the Campillos-Malaga circuit.

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