This weekend, Dubai served as the stage for the inaugural race of the Dubai eScooter Cup 2023, and PMT Tyres played a key role as the exclusive tire supplier.

The specific choice to provide maximum performance to riders, even on a challenging surface like that of an urban circuit, was the 90/65 R6.5 with an ultra-soft compound. The riders were able to fully exploit the performance of the e-scooters and showcase their potential, thanks to the grip provided by this specific choice.

PMT Tyres is proud to have contributed to the success of the event, providing products that have been dominating circuits worldwide for years.

Laura Pauselli, PMT owner, adds:

“We congratulate the organizers of the Dubai eScooter Cup and all the riders who made this competition an unforgettable celebration of speed and passion for e-Scooter racing. We look forward to the future with enthusiasm, ready to continue bringing innovation to the world of two-wheelers.”