Exciting news for the modeling world: Introducing the new 1:5 Supreme V4.

With a fresh design and innovative tread patterns for even higher performance.

We are thrilled to present the 1:5 Supreme V4 – our revolutionary tire for the world of four-wheeled modeling.

The new V4 aims to raise the bar in competitions and cater to the needs of drivers. It features a redesigned tread with new patterns meticulously crafted for enhanced performance.

Let’s see its key features:

Available in Three Different Compounds.

Like all our products, the V4 is available in various compounds to accommodate different asphalt conditions:

Available from March 2024.

Starting March 2024, you can purchase and experience the new Supreme V4 directly on our e-commerce platform www.pmt-tyres.it Of course, we’ll be ready to hear your feedback..

See you on the track!