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6.5" MINIBIKE (28)

90/60R6.5” B Road 

 100/55R6.5” B Road

90/65R6.5” B Slick

110/55R6.5” B Slick

90/65R6.5” T4 Slick

110/55R6.5” T4 Slick

80/50R6.5” T41 Slick

90/65R6.5” T41 Slick

100/55R6.5” T41 Slick

105/50R6.5” T41 Slick

110/55R6.5” T41 Slick

80/50R6.5” T41-C Slick

90/65R6.5” T41-C Slick

100/55R6.5” T41-C Slick

105/50R6.5” T41-C Slick

110/55R6.5” T41-C Slick

90/65R6.5” T42 Slick

110/55R6.5” T42 Slick

90/65R6.5” T43 Slick

110/55R6.5” T43 Slick

90/65R6.5” Junior

90/65R6.5” Junior Rain

90/65R6.5” R Slick

110/55R6.5” R Slick

90/50R6.5” RH Intermedio

100/60R6.5” RH Intermedio

90/50R6.5” R Rain

100/55R6.5” R Rain