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PMT Wins - Europeo Large Scale 2014 | Vila Real (RACE)

Europeo Large Scale 2014 | Vila Real (RACE)

Fantastic result for Pmt Tyres at European Championship Large Scale 1-5 2014 in Vila Real Portugal, where all ten finalists have raced with our tyres.
The continuous development of research in the optimization of the product, has allowed us to offer performance always at the top in spite of widely varying track conditions throughout the week of the race.
A big compliment goes to BA Amaldi now European Champion, but also to Markus FELDMAN author of a strong final remained very close to the leaders throughout the overall race, and finally to Mathieu Briere, third, very fast all week.
In addition, a special praise also to David Perez Junior European champion.
Thanks to all the riders who have shown trust in our products.