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PMT Wins - IFMAR World Large Scale 2015 | Malaysia

IFMAR World Championship Large Scale 2015 | Malaysia

Great week for PMT at the 2015 Large Scale World Championship in Malaysia with the top two spots on the podium taken by PMT drivers.
New World Champion Russell Grenenger and 2
nd Mathew Kellett from Australia.
Option tyre all week was the PMT Supreme V2 X03 all round with the Supreme V2 X05 on the front outside during the middle of the day.
It was a testing week with temperatures reaching 36 degrees and 85% humidity.

1/8th GT nitro Worlds included in the event also made the grip offline unstable but the PMT tyres remained the strongest choice to the top drivers from start to finish.
On top of the 1
st and 2nd finishes Russell took the fastest recorded lap with a 20.6 and Mathew Kellett Top Qualifier.

Russell Grenenger]