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  • PMT and Nami Electric united to revolutionize micro mobility

PMT will supply original equipment tires for Nami Electric e-scooters.

Micro mobility is an integral part of our present and the desire to exploit its positive aspects is what has united PMT and Nami Electric.

Nami Electric has been involved for years in designing and manufacturing eScooters capable of adapting to any type of use, adopting the idea of ​​innovation as a business guide.

An increasingly expanding and developing reality, to which PMT will undertake to bring its experience in the micro-mobility sector to offer Nami Electric escooters tires capable of satisfying the demands for reliability, safety and durability of those who want to approach this new world and also to those who are already an integral part of it.

A collaboration born from the will of both brands to carry on and support the evolution that micro mobility has been implementing for several years with the aim of putting on the market an efficient and high quality product in all its single component.

Johann Maugueret, co-founder of the Nami Electric brand:

“The choice of the PMT brand to equip our electric scooters was obvious. The quality of their tires and their know-how have strengthened our desire to work with the PMT brand, already renowned in the world of micro-mobility.

Nami Electric is part of an approach to offer robust and innovative vehicles, this collaboration adds value to our products. We are happy to be able to count on this long-term collaboration, which is based on the sharing of common knowledge and values. “

Laura Pauselli, co-founder of PMT, adds:

“PMT has been committed for years to keeping up with the needs of its customers. Much of our corporate career has been dedicated to the world of competitions and we are pleased to be able to transport this experience into a new and increasingly evolving world such as that of micro mobility.

A world that PMT has very much at heart since for years we have been committed to minimizing environmental pollution, focusing on the use of natural materials for the construction of our tires.

Our goal as a PMT is to be able to offer our customers the best driving experience, be it on the track or on the road. “