Our Production

Our plant of over 3000 square meters, includes a compound production line and two tire production lines. One line for dynamic modelling and one for moto racing tires.

Thanks to the ingenuity of its founder, Umbro Pauselli, PMT is able to produce over 100,000 tires per year and to provide a very high level of quality. All our production is radial, unlike what the rest of the market offers and, for this reason, we represent a unicum in the world.

Today PMT is a global brand and its technological excellence is present all over the world. We have a commercial presence in over 50 countries. PMT knowledge is nurtured by the skills derived from sports competitions. The company participates in over 100 car modelling events and motorcycle sporting events.

Such a strong presence in motorsport allows PMT to develop high performance products and be a leader in its market.

PMT is known throughout the world as a company of technology and excellence located at the Aprilia headquarters. Every single product is made in our factory in Italy and thanks to our quality control, it is reliable, of high quality and with incredible performance.


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